martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

  1. CONECTADOS at Ayala Museum

    Photography Exhibition and Public Video Projection

    November 8, 2012 6:30 PM
    On view until Nov 25

    Projection Schedule:
    Nov 8-12 from 6to11pm
    Ayala Museum
    The Link
    Greenbelt Fashio Walk
    Makati Stock Exchange
    Tower One

    Raena Fe Abella
    Ninfa Bito
    Frankie Callahan
    Romina Diaz
    Carlos Esguerra
    Luis Liwanag
    Arnel Murillo
    Neal Oshima
    Emmannuel Santos
    Toto Tarrosa
    Steve Tirona
    Wig Tysmans
    Veejay Villafranca
    Jaime Zobel de Ayala
    Cesar Caballero
    Emilio Vigara Leiva
    Jose Manuel Navia
    Txema Salvans
    Nacho Sayas
    Alfredo Tobia
    Suso 33
    Toto moris
    Luis Arango
    Santiago Arau
    Cecilia Hurtado
    Pablo Lopez Luz 

    CONECTADOS - A select pool of Filipino, Spanish and Mexican photographers featuring images of theirs on each one’s take on the “human activities” that are/were influenced by the “connection” of the 3 nations through the galleon trade route. The images would either define similarities and/or contrasts of the results of the 3 countries’ connections.

    The show will actually be featured in and out of the museum. One set of images from all of the select photographers will be laid out, printed, and mounted for the museum’s Inner Lobby Gallery exhibition. A similar set of images will be included in a video loop that will be played outside the museum, using the black granite façade of the museum building, plus in 4 other building facades here in Makati. Screening for the video begins on November 8 until the 12th from 6pm till 11pm each night. It’s a 5-venue, 5-night, 5-hour per night simultaneous screening schedule for this set of exhibition. To guarantee the best projection for these outdoor exhibitions, 20,000 lumen-strong LCD projectors for the 5 venues will be used creating an impact as Conectados bring the exhibits outside the museum premises. The exhibit inside the museum, however will be until the 25th of November.

    As added attraction to CONECTADOS is a progressive Spanish artist known as Suso. He will paint the museum exterior using laser lights when the exhibit opens on the 8th of November.
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jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Iloilo City. Día de Regatas.

Dia de regatas en la ciudad de Iloilo,