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Mayon volcano.

The majesty of the Mayon volcano.
Earth, water and fire the three elements ...

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martes, 12 de enero de 2016

Boracay guide

If you’re searching for that fun and active Philippine island, look no further than Boracay., look no further than Boracay. At just 500 metres wide and 7km long, this island provides a wealth of beauty and an incredible range of activities for its size.


We weren’t over exaggerating when we said this spot is picture perfect. Chalky white sands, topaz blue waters and dense green palms are the norm here. Party lovers can sip a cocktail whilst they marvel at the fiery sunset, dancing until it rises once more, whilst sun seeking dreamers head to Diniwid beach for tranquility that’s protected by towering cliff faces.


The island’s ‘White Beach’ is certainly the number one hot spot for all things Boracay. Playing up to its name, the white sandy stretch plays host to the most luxurious resorts, charming souvenir shops and famous bustling bars. Here, the palm trees are wrapped in colourful lanterns and bunting, lighting up the beach bands and sandy dance floors.
After a calming dip in the pristine waters, head to the eastern side of the island to Bulabog Beach if you’re looking for a little more action. Famed as the islands hotspot for wind and kite surfing you’ll be welcomed by an abundance of water sports on the Pacific waves.
What’s more, this is just another of the many Philippine islands which provide astounding diving experiences. With such crystal clear waters, you’re guaranteed to see some marine beauty.


Be sure to spend a day in our favourite spa at Shangri-la’s Boracay Resort and Spa where you can treat yourself to a fresh coconut body massage or banana leaf wrap, followed by a dip in the infinity pool overlooking powdery white sands.
Text courtesy of  black tomato.